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How do we save you money?

With Sprocket Saver, you'll spend less on technology upgrade cycles. How? Because we repurpose technology and offer your still usable technology to organizations that need tech but can't always afford the newest or most shiny hardware. See what you could save!

It's all about the community.

Your brand has the chance to give communities a leg up and stay on the cutting edge. Your two year old MacBook might be what a future entrepeneure needs to be the next distruptor in an industry dominated by high-tech privlidges. You can be part of the solution- find out here. 

Don't take our work for it.

Sprocket Saver has worked with some of the largest, and smallest, companies to help them save money, have a positive impact on their community, and keep their staff happy with more frequent upgrades, enabling them to to the best work of their careers. See what our customers say about Sprocket Saver!

We looked everywhere and it was always the same options. We could spend more money than we had on new technology, or buy affordable tech that would need to be upgraded in a year or two. Luckily, Sprocket Saver was able to offer us high-quality technology that was a year or two old, had been refurbished, and was the perfect solution for us.
Non-Profit Pat

Non-Profit Pat Next Gen Learning Solutions

I was a skeptic. How could this possibly be true? What I found was - because Sprocket Saver was repurposing technology rather than just recycling it, they had a chance to sell our old tech at a low price to community organizations. This keeps their recycling costs down and keeps my boss happy. 11/10 would recommend.
Tech Terry

Technical Terry BigTech.Com

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People are busy and that probably includes you. If you are looking for a simple and affordable solution to your growing boneyard of technology, or if your organization is tired of hunting for affordable technology that will last you more than a year - it's time to talk. Our expert consultants can help you find the best solution at the best price. What are you waiting for - let's talk.