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The year was 2010 and Audio Park Productions was in a phase or rapid growth. The multi-media production company was bringing on new team members and needing to upgrade their technology to keep up with their projects.

Luckily - one thing that the company knew was they their technology wasn't broken or unusable. It was just that the technology that got them through their first 3 years wouldn't get them through the next 3 years.

They took this process one step at a time - step one 


was to buy the technology they needed. The second step was a little more ambiguous. What should they do with their old tech?


The staff felt guilty just throwing their tech away and recycling costs were too high. On top of this, they knew others could get a few more years of use out of their old machines and tossing them aside felt wrong.


One morning, the Sprocket Saver inbox had a new notification - an email from Audio Park asking what options existed in our repurposing program. We were thrilled!


We were able to share with Audio Park the reason our services are so affordable - we repurpose technology rather than just recycle it.


Audio Park was a creative company focusing in music and visual design for artists and valued the arts community of their city. Once Sprocket Saver knew this, the solution was clear.



At Sprocket Saver, we work with organizations that have little budget for t

echnology upgrades and pair them with technology that is going unused at businesses in the area. Because we sell low-cost tech to educational and non-profit organizations, we can keep the costs for recycling down as well.


Basically - Sprocket Saver charges companies much less than competitors because we take that old tech, refurbish it, securely remove all data, and resell it for a low cost to non-profit and community programs like the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and other educational programs.


One particular benefactor of Sprocket Saver and Audio Park's relationship is a organization called UTEC. UTEC offers a technology program where they teach young people how to produce art, repair technology, and discover entrepreneurship.



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Nick C

Written by Nick C