Standardizing your technology upgrade cycle

Everyone thinks they need the newest technology. But, do they really?

How often are you asked for a new computer, monitor, smartphone, mouse and keyboard, presentation remote, headphones, hard phone, soft phone, cables, adapters, chargers, and more? It probably feels like you face this question daily. And then, you have to have the same exact conversation with each person explaining why, when, and how they can get their technology upgraded. 

It's expensive, time consuming, and distracts you from keeping everything running smoothly. We feel your pain and we want to help. The first thing to consider are all of the tell-tail signs that you need to move to a standardized upgrade and recycling process. 

Signs you need to standardize your technology upgrade cycle:

  • You recieve more than 3 emails a week requesing new technology
  • There are multiple requests for small items (headsphones, keyboards, mice, etc)
  • Finance is hyper-focused on your budget
  • You have a lot of technology that is no longer in use and just sitting around your office

If it feels like you are constantly juggling the needs of your team with the needs of the business, it might be time to standardize how, when, why, and where people can upgrade their technology. This will help you keep track of your budget, plan for next year, and not let any toxic technology sit around, or even worse - go into a landfill. 

Still unsure if a standardized upgrade cycle is right your you? Check out our guide on identifying if you're ready to standardize your technology upgrade cycle at your company!

Get your budget under control with technology repurposing

You're probably spending way more than you need to on recycling costs.

Let's talk about all the different options when it comes to recycling. We would be willing to bet that you are spending more than you would like on recycling costs. It's expensive enough to be purchasing new technology every few years, never mind the ever-increasing cost of proper recycling. 

Option one: Classic technology recycling

Okay - first of all, there are a million choices and they all seem the same. That's because a lot of them are the same. They claim to offer flat fees, but often have hidden costs related to the total weight, battery materials, or toxins in some monitors. Many companies are even offering computer recycling that is friendly to the environment. But what exactly does, "friendly to the enviornrment mean?" All too often, toxic elements still end up in a land fill. 

Option two: Consider extending your upgrade cycle

This is a very real possibility. Not only would you cut down on your upgrade costs, but it would be much better for the enviornment. The catch is that your team probably wouldn't be all too happy. Folks have gotten used to the idea of a 2-3 year upgrade cycle for their computers. But that fact is overshadowed by the idea the we are moving to a mobile first culture and the upgrade cycle for mobile devices seems to be half. 

Option three: Find a cheaper recycling option

We feel pretty mixed on this one. Cheaper means cut corners and cut corners can lead to lower standards. We know this is one of the few options for a lot of companies. Luckily there is another option!

Option four: Repurpose your technology

Hear us out - we can probably predict the objection because we had the same thoughts - what about our data? Well, that is where your choice of company becomes very important. You can read about Sprocket Savers commitment to protecing your data here. Let's not get too far ahead. Repurposing is the act of refurbishing technology in an attempt to prolong the lifespan for a few more years. Once the computers and other devices are ready to go, they are offered to schools, community enrichment programs, and alternative education programs at an extremely affordable rate. 

Learn about technology repurposing from our good friend, Computer Casey, in the video below:

Working with Sprocket Saver

Let's do some good, together. 

When you choose to work with Sprocket Saver, you choose to work with people who honestly believe in our mission. To make technology more accessible to those who need it most. We can agree that technology will become more of a nessessity over time and we are guided by three simple ideas. 

1. Protect the earth. We only have one. 

2. Make technology more accessible. 

3. Try to do good. 

So, how does it work?

1. Sign up for a free consultation to work with one of our Sprocket Saver Experts

Determine the degree of support you might need. Once we scope the project size and frequency, we set up a cost proposal. You will be pleasently suprised at the difference. 

2. Then we talk alot about data and privacy. 

Here are some things we cover about privacy:

  • We do not keep any of your data, ever. 
  • You can choose to keep your physical storage from each machine (this is an extra fee)
  • If you prefer for us to destroy your data, but not the physical storage, we can do that too.

3. Next, you let us take it from there.

We come to your office location and take your old technology to one of our shops. We break down the hardware and refurbish each computer to an optimal state. Once they have passed our testing, we post them to our community shop. 



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